Reverse Mortgages

Our Approach

If we look back 20 years, life was less complicated. Less busy. Less EXPENSIVE. Our parents used to quote 18% interest rates and tell us that life was hard however it is not a fair comparison. Today we have an additional layer of expenses that were not available then such as phone plans, internet plans, cost of credit cards and other daily costs.

Life IS more expensive today than it ever has been, especially for older people who may be in retirement phase or not working for other reasons or may just need more funds to live a full life after contributing to society for a long time. If you’re age 60 or over, own your home and need to access money, releasing equity from your home may be an option.

If you are in this position, we would love to hear from you and see how we can help you to live THAT life that you were promised when you entered the workforce.